Via this page you can download European, national and regional election results all disaggregated at the region level for 30 countries from 1945 until 2015. The collection of data has required a lot of my resources and I hope that you will understand that I make my data available on a step-by-step basis. In case you are interested in election data for a subset of countries you can [contact me]. 

The election excel files contain four worksheets. The 'parties' worksheet lists the parties included in the file and details notes. The election results are provided by the 'votes' and 'votes_%' worksheets which provide the total number of votes and vote share won by a party. The number of seats won by a party can found on the 'seats' worksheet.


Schakel, Arjan H. (2013) 'Congruence between regional and national elections,' Comparative Political Studies 46 (5): 631-662. [doi] [pdf]



Label     Explanation
abbreviation     party abbreviation
party_name     full party name
notes     detail on party name change and electoral alliances
country     country name
region     region name
elec_day     day of election
elec_month     month of election
elec_year     year of election
electorate     total number of voters on the roll cast
turnout     percentage of total number of casted votes out of total number of voters on the roll cast
valid     total number of valid votes
seats     total number of seats in the assembly/council/parliament


Table Regional Election Data

Country     European     National     Regional
Australia     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Austria     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Belgium     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Bosnia and Herzegovina     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Canada     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Croatia     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Czech Republic     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Denmark     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Denmark: Faroe Islands     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Denmark: Greenland     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Finland: Aland Islands     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
France     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Germany     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Greece     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Hungary     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
India     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Italy     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Japan     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Netherlands     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Norway     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Poland     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Portugal: Acores, Madeira     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Romania     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Russia     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Serbia     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Serbia and Montenegro     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Slovakia     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Spain     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Sweden     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]
Switzerland     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
Turkey     n.a.     [excel]     [excel]
United Kingdom     [excel]     [excel]     [excel]